Investment Opportunities

The construction work at Gwadar Port was started in March 2002. Gwadar Development Authority was established in October 2003 to provide necessary civic amenities to the Gwadar Port City. The Hon’ble Chief Minister Balochistan is the Chairman and the Director General, Gwadar Development Authority is the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority. The Head Office of the Organization is situated on Governor House Road Gwadar and sub office in the Civil Secretariat Balochistan Quetta Block No.9.

The initial phase of the Port Project has been completed in 2005. As this project is of immense national importance, which is also designed particularly to benefit the local people of the area such as job opportunities, improved social services delivery, venues for business and trade etc. Investors from all parts of the country and abroad are warmly welcomed. The people of Mekran, Gwadar and other adjoining districts are particularly encouraged to invest and avail the benefits from the project.

  1. Establishment of Shipping Agencies
  2. Goods Transportation Services
  3. Proposal for starting ferry services between Gwadar, Karachi and Gulf States
  4. Large scale residential schemes, all sorts of industrial projects and big hotels
  5. Establishment of freezing and packing facilities for the fish industries
  6. Wireless Cab System can be established
  7. Establishment of large private schools and hospitals
  8. Investment in Water Desalination Plants
  9. Electric Power Generation
  10. Oil terminals
  11. Ware-housing/ Container Yards
  12. Export Oriented Industries
  1. Establishment of restaurant, play lands, boat services and water sports etc.
  2. Establishment of printing press & newspaper industry
    Superstores, Markets, Tourism Industries & small level fish processing units
  3. As most of the people of Mekran area are serving in military & police of the Middle East Countries on retirement can be hired by the private security agencies
  4. According to the availability of the fresh water in the adjoining areas of Gwadar District, business such as Poultry, Dairy, Fruit & Vegetable cultivation could be established
  5. Trawler/ truck Companies can be establishedPrivate houses could be hired by private companies for office accommodation and guest houses
  6. Various agencies of construction material, medicines and food items could be established
  7. Investment in energy sector Particularly renewable energy, LPG plants etc.
  8. Small ware housings.
  1. Small Shops, restaurants, Coffee & Ice cream shops and individual cab services
  2. Law firms & Chambers
  3. Private Medical Clinics
  4. Architects/ Town Planners
  5. Business of Contractors
  6. Fish Meal Factory
  7. Avenues for Fish & Shrimp farming along the coast