It in high time to invest more in Gwadar, keeping in view of future potential business, life style and leisure.

Gwadar was designated as winter capital of Baluchistan province due to peculiar climatic conditions.

Gwadar will be more beautiful than any city of the world because it will be the business centre of the world businessmen.

Gwadar development authority main focus on the fast track construction of roads, other infrastructure, facilities, services and public building, industrial park, housing schemes, hotels and tourist resort.

Gwadar declared as a duty free port and tax free zone, hence more chances of profit and investment.

Gwadar will embrace the hyper modern life style of dazzling Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Gwadar offers promise to contribute significantly in the prosperity of the entire region around it.

With passage of time and rapid development taking place in Gwadar the prices of land is increasing day by day. Now it is high time for investor and business man to invest further in Gwadar, it would be paradise for them.

Gwadar gas supply pilot project recently completed.

Gwadar to be connected with national Grid, Gwadar industrial Grid of 132KV is under completion at fast track.

Water treatment and de-salivation plant of 20 million capacities for Gwadar industrial estate, 90% of the work completed on this project.

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