Gwadar, THE DOOR OF WIND, has huge potential to be developed as a gateway to the economy of Pakistan. Its presence at the convergence of three most commercially important regions of the world, i.e. Oil Rich Middle East, Central Asia bestowed with natural resources and South Asia having potential for growth, makes it one of the well placed port for the development of global trade.

On the shores of the Arabian Sea in the western province of Balochistan the Gwadar Port is strategically a well located port to ensure increasing trade in the region. The Port is located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, just outside the Straits of Hormuz, near the key shipping routes accommodating a flow of more than 17 million barrel oil per day and a large quantity of bulk, break-bulk and containerized cargo.

In the east, the port neighbors the emerging Indian and South East Asian economies. On land, the port springs the Pak-China Economic Corridor and has connectivity with all major markets of Pakistan which will be further extended to neighboring markets of China, Iran, Afghanistan, and other landlocked CAR’s market in due course of time.

Gwadar is a deep warm-water harbor 617 kms away from Karachi and an ideal place for a new outlet to the Indian Ocean

“If we see this whole region, it is like a funnel. The top of the funnel is this wide area of Central Asia and also China’s western region. And this funnel gets narrowed on through Afghanistan and Pakistan and the end of this funnel is Gwadar port. So this funnel, futuristically, is the economic funnel of this whole region”