Deep Sea Port

The development for Gwadar as Pakistan ‘s third deep water port has the potential to act as a catalyst for the development of the Makran Coast in South West of Balochistan. The Gwadar Deep Sea Port Project is to be implemented in two phases as under:

Phase I

  • Dredging in 5 km length of navigational channel to accommodate vessels 11 meter draft  (50,000 DWT) with appropriate turning area.
  • Reclamation of land and associated port works, providing 3 berths of 600 meter total length  and 200 meter each for general cargo and multipurpose facilities, together with a small boat  berthing area.
  • Open and covered storage area including provision for the storage of containers.
  • Buildings and equipment for cargo loading and port operations.
  • Services, including power generation and desalination plant to meet the needs of the port.

Phase II

  • Dredging of navigational channel to 14.7 meters, to accommodate large ships upto 200,000 DWT.
  • 2 Container berths (300 meters each)
  • 1 Bulk Cargo Terminal (300 meters).
  • 1 Grain Terminal (300 meters).
  • 1 roll on – roll off / passenger cum general cargo terminal (200 meters)
  • 2 Oil piers to accommodate for 200,000 DWT ships.
  • Future expansion for 2 container berths (300 meters each).

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