Gwadar Lifestyle – Saving Culture & Promoting Eco Living

Gwadar is becoming an international city where almost every nation will rush. Gwadar will be a symbol of “Eco Friendly City” and sign of a “Culture Centric City”. We have experienced that being different just for the sake of being different is not always good. Cutting-edge technologies need not be at odds with the natural lifestyle and traditional Culture.

Point Of Leisure – The Place To Go & The Place To Be

When one thinks of a vacation, the first image that might to come to mind is “sun & sand”. Now add to Gwadar, imagine, long drive on wide roads of Gwadar, string of unsymmetrical mud hills and beautiful beaches, close-up of water birds folk, fun of blue water sports and deep-sea fishing.

Imagine, adventure of desert safari and thrilling sand skating, desert night camping along with music and shisha, personalized snapshots of Gwadar’s mud hills, deserts, beaches, deep sea, natural landscaping, wide roads, markets, local culture, mega constructions, important places and much more