OBOR is the modern version of silk route. OBOR (ONE BELT ONE ROAD) Initiative would link two third of world population and two third of known energy resources. CPEC ( China Pakistan Economic Corridor) is a part and parcel of OBOR initiative.

Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Mr Sun Weidong reiterated on many occasions that 16 early harvest projects, including several power stations, highways and projects related to Gwadar Port are under construction and more than ten thousand of new jobs have been created for local people.

He said, “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is building a more amicable bond between both the countries. Our friendly cooperation is ushering in a golden era for greater development,”Earlier on one occasion he said, “China is satisfied with the pace of implementation of the CPEC project.

CPEC is under smooth implementation, and will deliver mutual benefits to both countries and people of the whole region.”

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